Dr. Hassan Rateb  /  Egyptian businessman

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”Confucius

Hassan Rateb (February 23, 1947) is an Egyptian businessman who owns several projects belonging to an area in the Sinai, including Sinai Cement in the north as well as the University of Sinai in Al-Masa’id in the north. Complex on his channel.

Actress   /  Randa al-Behiri

Was born in Cairo, began her artistic career as an advertising medium and then moved to the video clip has been a great success and drew attention to it began to make her way as an actress in 1998 in television and cinema and theater and was able to prove itself on the scene and achieved success in the roles performed by the nominated Despite her young age and artistic age, she participated in the roles of leading artists, including the artist Yahia Al Fakharani and the artist Ilham Shahin and Yousra.

Dorra   /   Actress 

Entered the field of art, after joining the tataro band, where she participated for the first time in the play Majnoon by director Tawfiq al-Jabali. She has played several roles in Tunisian cinema,  and has participated in international films.  She has also been involved since 2007 in Egyptian cinema. She has an overwhelming presence in the Arab world after her series in Egypt

Egyptian Islamic preacher  /    Mazhar Shaheen

Shahin is an Egyptian Islamic preacher who was born in 1974 in Tanta. He obtained a master’s degree in Qur’anic rhetoric from Al-Azhar University. He received his doctorate from the Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies at Al-Azhar University in Cairo with a degree of excellence and is now pro-government in Egypt. ], Knew the appearance of Shaheen in the preacher of the revolution , married and has a son called “Omar.”

Yousef Mansour /  Actor and Kung Fu player

Yusuf Mansour (April 16, 1966), an Egyptian actor and actor who lived for the period in the United States and was famous for his roles based on the Kung Fu game, directed “Desert Cat” with Saeed Mohammed and wrote some of his films.

Singer /    Mohamed Nour

Mohamed Nour (January 18, 1981), an Egyptian singer, came out of Conservatoire Conservatoire “violin department” and was one of the founders of the Wama band and composed some of her songs.

Reda Shehata /  footballer

Reda Shehata (January 24, 1981, Egypt) – An Egyptian footballer who plays as a central midfielder, played 43 games and scored 3 goals.

Actress  /    Iman Salama

An Egyptian actress, she participated in a number of television series, including: “Harem Baba, Karioka,” and also participated in the three films, after the flood, a memory card.

Nermeen El-Faqi /  Actress

Nermeen El-Faqi (21 June 1972), Egyptian actress. She began advertising in the early 1990s as an actress, then in television, theater and film.

Politician, Writer, Journalist /    Mohamed Mostafa Bakri Mohamed

Mohamed Mostafa Bakri Mohamed [1] Egyptian politician, writer, journalist, media and independent member of the former People’s Assembly (2012 individual session on South Cairo).
And current member of the House of Representatives 2016, and serves as Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of the weekly newspaper and currently offers the program «Facts and secrets» on the echo of the country.

Amr Zaki /  soccer player

He played for Al-Mansoura club in the beginning of 2003 and moved to Enppi in the 2003 season for a large sum of over one and a half million Egyptian pounds, as a player who did not exceed the age of twenty years, and starred with Enppi and began to appear until he led him to win the Cup of Egypt. He left after sparkling with Egypt in the Nations of Africa 2006 and World Cup qualifiers to travel towards Moscow’s Lokomotiv Moscow. But he returned because of the inappropriate weather that he did not adapt to. To sign Zamalek club.

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