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Our Founders

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We believe that the prosperity of the American and European people created a strong community system.

This sense of community impacts all businesses worldwide.

Businessmen in these countries helped open new markets for young entrepreneurs and created new opportunities specifically for distinguished and talented youth.

This entrepreneurial spirit was the heart of their thriving economy in their home countries.


Sponsors of the award represent global companies from various industries. These sponsors were steadfast in their agreement to support talented and distinguished individuals in various business areas across the Middle East.

The vision of the sponsors coincides with that of the ABA award.

Our Supportive Sponsors


ABA Award

The vision of the sponsors coincides with that of the ABA award.

The award is given in order to maximize the role of distinguished individuals in differing fields and to highlight their success stories while trying to support talented and inspirational people.


The goal of the award is transform the award recipients into entrepreneurs to be an influential economic force in their societies.

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