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ABA Awards are presented to the winners in the Middle East by a variety of sponsors interested in supporting creative ideas in various fields including manufacturing, trade, art, Business services, etc.


Registration is scheduled to begin to select the 2019 ABA winners in January of 2019. The award management opened the way for start-ups to register.

ABA Award Submit


American Business Award is being awarded to the talented

American Business Award is being awarded to the talented, creative and distinguished people in various fields in the Middle East. The award was presented to whom they were able to transform their talents and ideas into more creative projects and actual complete done projects.

The awards are a reflection and adoption of the contributes and promoting of their talents and ideas in the Arab business community.

Cooperation Protocol

American Business Award has signed a protocol of cooperation with the international “I Innovator” series, which was born originally in the United Arab Emirates and became its headquarters.

The main focus of all the summit conferences is to highlight on the creative and talented in various fields and offer our full support to flourish their work. American Business Award (ABA) was formed in 2018.

ABA Award Submit

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